Monday, August 06, 2007


'Hello' wil weer eens niet wat IK wil. Weet iemand daar een oplossing voor? Het is echt een ramp. Ben je net halfweg met opstarten van je pc, krijg ik de hele tijd een foutmelding van Hello.

(Eng.): For the so maniest time 'Hello' doesn't want what I want. Can anybody tell me the solution? If I'm starting the pc I get this error message all the time.


golden_meliades said...

Hi :)

I've attempted to find you because I went to SBE today to buy some stuff and found that you were no longer a designer there and that the kits I had on my wishlist by you were gone.

Do you sell those kits somewhere else, now? They were really huge kits...I think one was called 1001 Nights or something like that...

Berna's crap said...

No, I'm sorry. I will renew these kits and place them on Scrapbook Graphics in time. They won't be back in the same packages however. Sorry for that, but I have to fit in with the amount of papers/elements in what they sell in the rest of the shop.
So it will be smaller packages and less color variations.