Sunday, November 16, 2008


Terwijl ik nog helemaal geen idee heb hoe en waar wij wat gaan vieren met de feestdagen, ben ik alvast begonnen met een echte kerstcollectie. Je kunt wel aan me merken dat ik dit jaar voor het eerst sinds jaren niet meer hoef te helpen bij een kerstmusical. Niet dat dat niet leuk was hoor, maar het vergde ook wel erg veel tijd. Die teruggewonnen tijd wil ik dus heel graag gaan besteden aan meerdere kerstcollecties. Want niet iedereen houdt nu eenmaal van engeltjes, en die zitten in deze eerste. Maar goed, als je er niet van houdt, niet getreurd, er komt nog meer!

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(Eng.): I haven't the faintest idea on where we will bespending the holidays, or what we will be doing then. But for the first time in several years I will be having time! YAY! For so many years I helped with the costumes and accessoirees during the school musical, that I can hardly remember how the time was before that. I've always helped with much pleasure, so I must compensate this time doing something that I like to do too. At least I feel like doing that. So.... I will come with several different collections in the Christmas sphere this year!!!! And if you're not into angels, you might like one of my other new collections to come! Here's my Painting Angel collection.

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Erin said...

I am in the process of creating a blog designing business and would love to be able to use your amazing designs to create blog layouts for others. Here's an idea of how I would be using your designs:

On my company blog I have a list (I'd love to add your name to that list) of designers that have granted me permission to use their designs in my work. My clients will go to that page and click on each designer's link to view that designer's design kits. When a design kit is chosen by a client, I will then purchase that kit to be used in designing that clients blog. I plan to purchase a kit every time it is used and will properly credit the designer on the blogs I design with links back to the designers work. The files will also be flattened into a .jpeg format and there will be no "templates" or freebies offered.

I'm writing to get the proper permission and/or licensing information to use your designs on a scrap-for-hire basis. I would be happy to comply with any TOU you may have.

Kind Regards,


Erin Miller

P.S. Please reply via email rather than through my blog. Thanks!