Saturday, June 14, 2008

EK sale game

As a real Dutch girl I’m very proud of our
national soccer team. As you might know
they won against Italy earlier this week
(world champion!) and tonight they won the
match against the French (second in the
world championship). So here’s my offer:
as ORANGE is the color of our Dutch team,
I put everything on sale that contains a bit of
orange. Today I give you 25% off all these
items, when we WIN next time I give you 30%
off. Do they win the match after that, then will
put the same stuff for 35% off...till the finals...
The finals will be good for 45%, but IF the win
those, you get 50% off.
Of course you can wait and go for all. I would
love it if you can wait till 50% off. HOWEVER...
if they LOSE a match... the sale is off. It’s like
a like risk game... If we reach the finals it will
stay ½ price for 24 hrs! There you go! Have fun,
read the sport sections of all newspapers and
You can find the ‘for sale items’ in my Studio @

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Spontanity said...

En als ze de finale halen is alles gratis en voor niets ツ